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Counting Dots: Number Practice - iOS苹果版


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Counting Dots: Number Practice是一款帮助用户学习计数的益智游戏应用,非常适合儿童使用。

Counting Dots: Number Practice游戏介绍

Build counting confidence while having fun in this colorful counting game.Counting Dots is a colorful counting game that will hold a child’s attention.Helping kids learn to count from one to one million!Tap the colorful dots in order from smallest to biggest.

Counting Dots has been selected for eSpark Learning's Top of the Class list!

"eSpark has selected Counting Dots for our Top of the Class list,which features the best 15 apps in our curriculum!Out of the 750 apps in our curriculum,Counting Dots stands out as an exemplary model for what we seek."

-eSpark Learning

"My sons counting is getting better because of this app"


"Great app for my kids who are working on their counting and recognizing their numbers"


"My lil guy loves this!He is actually counting as he pops the bubbles...thanks!


Counting Dots: Number Practice游戏特色

-Vibrant,Visually Stimulating Colors

-Popping Sounds

-Pop Vibration(iPhone)

-iPhone 5 support

-Kid friendly menu

-Smooth Animations

-iPad and Retina Display Support

-No Ads!Perfect for infants!


-Remove Dot Border

-Remove Dot Sound

-Enable Dot Vibration(iPhone)


-Number to start counting from

-Count by 1s,5s or 10s


  • Counting Dots: Number Practice
  • Counting Dots: Number Practice
  • Counting Dots: Number Practice
  • Counting Dots: Number Practice
  • Counting Dots: Number Practice


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