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Mendeleev.me软件介绍 provides:

?Concise information for all chemical elements

?A virtual laboratory for conducting fun experiments

?Multi-language support for English,Romanian,German,Russian&French

?Quick search&in-place information filtering

?Downloadable PDFs for each chemical element

?Presentation galleries&movie-clips

?ClassKit integration

?Touch control for 3D spinning movies

?Clean design centered upon functionality

?Help assistant

?Haptic feedback

?3D touch menus

Supported devices&browsers:


?All major browsers

?The web version of the app supports screens up-to 8K

Our mission is to educate younger generations through technology.Chemistry is one of the fascinating matters and its value is given by the quality of the educational act.We strongly believe that education must include elements that stimulate visual cognitive processes and also inspire students to enjoy the process of learning.

Join our growing community on Facebook,Twitter&online at:

If you have feedback&questions please email us at:support or visit our website at: fun way of learning chemistry together.




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