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The Blocking Dead - iOS苹果版


椰子 来了?#31995;軂




The Blocking Dead是一款休闲益智游戏。最好的僵尸益智游戏!在这个有趣的、基于重力的物理谜题中,同时挑战你的逻辑思维和反应时间。目标?这很简单:摧毁僵尸,不要让任何大?#28304;?#24179;台?#31995;?#19979;来。快?#24726;?#20294;要注意你在哪里敲击,否则你可能会压碎一个珍贵的大脑或引爆炸弹!

The Blocking Dead游戏介绍

The best Zombie puzzle game around!Challenge your logical mind and reaction time all at once in this funny,gravity-based physics puzzler.The objective?It's simple:destroy the Zombies,and don't let any of the Brains fall off the platform.Be quick about it,but watch where you're tapping,or else you might squish a precious Brain or detonate a Bomb!

●Over 100 levels,and more being added with each update!

●Easy and intuitive one-touch controls.

●Real-time physics simulation.

●Stunning and original visual effects!

●An original,zombie-inspired music soundtrack.

●Funny sound effects and Zombie facial expressions!

●A variety of block types,including Zombies,Brains,Crates,Bombs,and more.

●Game Center Leaderboards and Achievements!

They said it wasn't possible,but the Zombie apocalypse has finally happened.Reasonable human that you are,you've decided to ride it out inside your apartment.Luckily,you have your favorite game to keep you from getting bored!


  • The Blocking Dead
  • The Blocking Dead
  • The Blocking Dead
  • The Blocking Dead
  • The Blocking Dead