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Fantasy Football Manager FPL - iOS苹果版


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Fantasy Football Manager FPL是一款模拟现实足球体育游戏。

Fantasy Football Manager FPL游戏介绍

We also have a free version of this app,it's supported by adverts.Scroll down to'Developer Apps'to install it.

Please ensure that you have selected an initial squad.

+Summary of features

Full control for all aspects of your team on the go

Offline access,tinker anytime

Push notifications for injuries,goals,assists etc

Support for multiple accounts&auto-logon

+Full Control

Everything you need to keep on top of your team.Tinker with your team as much as you like,even when not online.

Submit any transfers when you're ready.

Change your starting line up,your captain and vice captain.

Join mini-leagues

+Having a good week?

Check your latest points,other managers'latest points including a full history of transfers made

Explore and view your leagues,join more.

Track any manager you've marked as'watched',regardless of which league you found them in..especially useful if they are having a nightmare Gameweek;)

+Stay up to date

A professional news reader,a hand picked list of valuable sources including our own Fantasy Football Pundits,winners of the 2013/14&2014/15 Football Blogging Awards.

Automatic push notification alerts for members of your squad or watch-list.Injury and match day notifications.

+Scout for players

All the players,all the stats.Search,find&order any which way.Incredibly powerful and simple to use.


Send us your questions,requests,queries etc from within the app,through'options'on your'Manage'tab.

We can also be contacted via ffmiphone on Twitter or email andy

Issues reported via AppStore reviews are difficult to address as developers often need more information.Please report any issues using the contact details above so we can fix them promptly.

Please note:

Apple is not a sponsor of any contests or sweepstakes that may be mentioned in some news feeds.


  • Fantasy Football Manager FPL
  • Fantasy Football Manager FPL
  • Fantasy Football Manager FPL
  • Fantasy Football Manager FPL
  • Fantasy Football Manager FPL


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